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Feng Shui Art


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice of finding harmony and balance within our immediate or greater environment.  This can be achieved by manipulating surrounding objects to enable healthgiving energy to freely flow around us.  Some environments naturally support this energy (or Chi), and thus, make us feel energised or extremely relaxed when surrounded by it.  This energy can be found near waterfalls, by the seaside, in warming sunshine and within green leafy vegetation.

We don't commonly find this healthgiving Chi inside buildings of concrete and unnatural lighting and temperature control, so the Feng Shui Practitioner's task is to balance the energy flow by the correct placement of objects. 

Light, airflow, colour, shapes and the five Feng Shui Elements (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood) are essential considerations.  Some energetic structures and blockages cannot be removed, so ('Cures' as they are known) for imbalances within such environments, need to be implemented. 

Skillfully selected Artwork containing the correct Feng Shui Energy can energise any room or can rebalance an area which is lacking in any of the five crucial Feng Shui Elements.  Artwork can be specifically created to rebalance a room which has been overpowered by the use of too much of any of the five Feng Shui Elements.


For example...let's say a company is experiencing difficulty with staff bringing their many wonderful ideas, inspirations or goals to fruition.  Their Corporate meeting room may contain too much 'Water' energy.  Good water energy creates great 'think tanks' but an imbalance can cause a lack of grounding for these ideas.  Feng Shui commissioned Artwork with 'Earth Elements' could be the 'Cure' for this space.


Never underestimate the energetic power of a piece of matter how small!  Original Artwork emits much more energy than a print, so ask Mary Louise to design and create an original Feng Shui Artwork to help you achieve balance within your home or workplace.

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