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Corporate & Fine Art
 by Mary Louise


About Mary Louise

 Mary Louise's artwork can be found in private collections and the Corporate Sector, in China, America, South Africa, New Zealand and here in Australia.  All of her artwork comes with its own Certificate of Authenticity.


Her love of colour, texture and movement is evident in each Artwork she creates.  Whilst she has been commissioned to create works in various genres of art, her greatest joy is in the creation of her abstracts and abstract impressionism.  Being a qualified Colour Analyst for over twenty years, she has an exacting eye for colour recognition and matching, tying her Artworks exactly into the environment they have been commissioned for. 


Mary Louise has been a fully qualified Feng Shui Practitioner since 2005 and in keeping with Feng Shui principles, all of her Artwork is imbued with positive energy.  Her Feng Shui approach to Art enables her collectors to purchase something aesthetically enjoyable as well as understanding the Artwork's unique energetic properties, enabling them to further enhance their environment.


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