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Client Testimonials

Sunset Hair - Miami USA - (formerly in Sydney, Australia)

The passion in the approach Mary Louise has when it comes to painting can't be summed up in a testimonial. It has to be experienced firsthand. She took it upon herself to merge in my business name and motto, to come up with a masterful painting that represented and encompassed all aspects of exactly what it meant to me. "Sunset Hair", the painting, is magnificent to enjoy visually, even more so now that the business has moved to Miami.   It is symbolic from corner to corner.  The love behind her artwork can be felt, from the vibrant colours she used, to the significant details pertaining to my business and its overall message.  I gave her no guidance.  She got it.  She knew.  She delivered.  I am forever grateful for the beautiful result of her talent.

Obi Figueroa

Hair by Arthur George- 14 Salisbury Rd, Stanmore, Australia  -  ph 0406 992 932

Mary Louise, I can't believe how good your paintings look in my salon.  My clients can't stop talking about them.  I was shocked at just how fantastic they look.  I just love them.  I'm already thinking about another one. 

Cheers.  Arthur xx

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